Firearm Services

Inspection &
Safety Check

Have an old firearm and afraid to shoot it? Let us shoot it first. We’ll make sure all safeties and working parts are doing their job properly.

Disassemble, Clean, Oil
& Assemble

Taking care of your firearm is essential to it’s longevity. We’ll make sure your firearm is cleaned and reassembled in proper working order.


Having issues with your firearm?  Let us handle it.  We can replace parts and fix existing ones to make sure your firearm is working and safe.

Sight Installation
& Adjustments

We will replace your sights and correct them if they’re off. Our aim is to improve yours.

Stock Repair
& Replacement

We can replace and fix a broken stock, work out big dents, and apply a new finish so your stock looks brand new.


We can lighten your trigger to a desired pull to make your shooting smoother and help improve accuracy.


 We offer basic pistol and rifle courses along with an advanced class for deeper look into fundamentals.


Cerakote is a durable factory finish that we can customize so you can enjoy the look and finish for a lifetime.