Trainings Offered

Training courses offered are conducted by Seth Lewis and Alec Henkelman.


Seth Lewis: Seth joined the Army in 2006. After Infantry Basic and Airborne school, he deployed twice to Iraq with a reconnaissance unit in the 82nd Airborne. He left the Army in 2011 and was a bouncer in San Marcos, Texas before moving on to do Private Security Contracting for the Department of State in Afghanistan and the Department of Homeland Security stateside. He has a degree in Economics and enjoys stoic philosophy and fitness in his free time.

Alec Henkelman: Alec joined the Army in 2008. Upon graduating Infantry Basic and Airborne school, he deployed to Iraq with a reconnaissance unit in the 82nd Airborne. He received an associate degree in business and another in gunsmithing science. He is a certified firearms instructor through the NRA for basic and advanced training.

Trainings Available

Level 1 Training

Our basic pistol course is geared towards novice pistol shooters. Maybe you just bought your first gun for concealed carry, maybe you’ve been doing long range precision shooting and want to start getting into action pistol, maybe you just want to brush up on the fundamentals and take the class with your new shooter friend… either way, this is the class for you. Students will learn the fundamentals of safety and shooting a handgun accurately, basic weapons manipulation to include correcting malfunctions, entry level tactics and tactical decision making, and be introduced to what gear they actually need to be a responsibly armed citizen with a handgun. By the end of the class, we should be able to have to consistently hitting a combat effective zone at 10 yards with your pistol.

Level 2 Training

Our level 2 course is for shooters who have a solid grasp of the basics and are looking to perform at a higher level. We will go over the fundamentals at a deeper level and spend more time with each student working to correct bad training habits. We will introduce advanced weapons manipulation techniques including drawing your handgun and the skills needed to score fast hits on target. We’ll dive deeper into individual tactics and run scenarios that mimic real world defensive shootings. By the end of this class, you should feel comfortable running the classic action pistol drills like El Presidente and The Bill Drill in a respectable time.